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Printing keychain



1. Metal printed keychains with different pendant combinations can be customized in different shapes.

2. The method of offset printing is suitable for any gradient or multi-color pattern. The surface is covered with epoxy resin, and the color of the product will not fade.

3. Because of the light and thin material of the printed keychain, the whole keychain is very light and easy to carry. The dog mouth buckle accessories can easily make the whole set of keys hang firmly on the backpack or carry it out.

4. Printing keychains have the advantages of high production capacity and low price, which are very suitable for different brand promotion.

Material: zinc alloy

Size: 45*45*6MM

Production process: die-casting, black dyeing, shock polishing

Color entry: None (color can be entered, PANTONE color number available)

Packing method: paper card + OPP bag, flannel bag, etc.

Minimum order quantity: 500

Brand: Game of Thrones

Uses: bag decorations, travel commemorative collections

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